Keeping students safe off-campus

Photo by Casey Gomez

With four Clery Acts for armed robberies having been put out near campus since the beginning of the semester, Tech students and staff have reason to be concerned for their safety. GTPD has been working with Atlanta Police to narrow down suspects and has offered some tips for students walking through Home Park. Many students reside in the neighborhoods north of campus and walk home in the early evening, around the same time that one of the armed robberies occurred less than two blocks from the edge of campus. Although there is little Tech can do to prevent robberies off campus, there are measures that can be taken to help students feel safer if they live off-campus.

Improved transportation services for students living in Home Park could help keep students safer and reduce armed robberies. When waiting times exceed 15 minutes, many potential riders would rather walk home. Having more frequent trips by the Green route, or having a bus service that goes off-campus at night could help students feel safer and act as a deterrent along their route.

As it stands, students can also utilize existing off-campus services. The Stingerette service drops students off anywhere in Home Park, all the way up to Atlantic Station for only $2 a ride. Students living off-campus in these locations should buy  the Safe Ride Home punch card, which they can get from the Parking and Transportation Office on 5th and West Peachtree, near Tech Square. Publicizing the service, the location of the office and expanding the Stingerette service by adding vans and drivers could also encourage students to utilize it rather than attempting to walk home late at night.

Tech is still obligated to protect their students, especially when so many live in Home Park and robberies occur so close to campus.