Tech Housing’s meager offerings

Photo by Mitchell Williams

With houses in Home Park becoming increasingly popular, and new off-campus apartments, such as The Standard, opening up, many students are tempted to live away from campus. The prices are competitive, or insignificantly higher, and the conditions and facilities offered surpass those offered by Tech. Students often have to apply for a lease for the following fall semester a year in advance to get a place at University House.

It is reasonable then to expect Tech to invest in housing for its students or push to raise the quality of living conditions.

Although Tech’s housing does offer an unmatched level of convenience in terms of location and safety, housing should not push aside other factors that determine students’ housing options.

Students living in on-campus housing often pay as much or more than those who live off-campus for fewer amenities and worse facilities. GT Housing needs to respond to the requests of their residents (both maintenance and otherwise), and offer comparable conditions. With issues like overflowing toilets, dripping ceilings and maintenance requests often taking weeks to fulfil, there is much that can be done to provide better living conditions for the price residents pay. If the Institute chooses not to compete, Tech will continue to lose its share of students to off-campus options.

Moreover, there is little offered to make the living areas aesthetically pleasing and less stressful. Better, warmer lighting, updated furniture and paint can go a long way in contributing to residents’ wellbeing.

Housing needs to stay in tune with their residents and ensure that they are not charging their residents solely for location without providing any of the amenities that come with off-campus options. Otherwise, the coming years may see more students wishing to move away.

The Consensus Opinion reflects the majority opinion of the Editorial Board of the Technique, but not necessarily the opinions of individual editors.