Making major changes less stressful

Photo by Casey Gomez

This year, Tech implemented for the first time its new policy regarding incoming freshmen changing their majors. The Institute has always made it clear that admissions are not determined by the specific major or department students apply for.

It is perhaps for this reason that changing one’s major before the start of their semester required a simple online process without any application or form.

However, incoming freshmen this Fall were not able to change their major until this week. Although the new policy creates a restriction on when freshmen can switch, it is a step in the right direction for Tech.

Incoming freshmen are often unsure about what they wish to major in, and may change their majors multiple times before arriving at Tech. Although changing one’s major is common and understandable as high school students often are unsure of what certain majors and subjects entail in college, specifically STEM majors. It is common for incoming students to pick their majors based on what they study at their level.

It makes sense that Tech would limit students by waiting a semester before letting them change majors, allowing them to experience fields. If Tech is concerned about students finding the field that is right for them, there are a few steps that they could take to save their students the additional stress of being unsure if their current major is right for them. Having advisors inform students about opportunities in the field could help students stay on top of what they wish to study.

Other freshmen organizations could play a role. Nearly 98 percent of incoming freshmen live on-campus in freshmen housing. The resident housing association could have programs to inform students about what they may be studying for each major and potential career paths that exist in those fields.

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