Diary of a disenchanted Peer Leader

Photo by Casey Gomez

Being a Peer Leader (PL) can have its ups and downs. Despite sometimes regretting becoming one, being a PL has given me some good stories that I have not been able to share, until now. These stories will be lacking names but will still, hopefully, give you a taste of how I was feeling in these moments.

It was late one afternoon and I was on my weekend duty shift. For those of you who do not know, weekend duty shifts are 24 hours long.

Anyway, I was in my room when I received a call on the duty phone, which is not unusual. At this point in the day I was expecting a lockout, maybe a lost student, but least of all, I was not expecting what I was about to hear when I picked up the phone.

“Hello,” I said ready for whatever was about to be said to me, or so I thought.

“Hey Noah, it’s Samantha, I am not in the dorm right now but one of my residents just informed me of poop all over one of the stalls in the third floor women’s bathroom.”

After pausing for a moment, I responded.

“Let me go check it out and get back to you.”

I then grabbed the duty bag and started my walk up to the third floor where this supposed poop crime scene awaited me. Along my walk, I was
thinking of all the different scenarios there could be where there would be poop flung all over the floor in a bathroom stall. There weren’t many situations where I could see that ever being an option, except for explosive diarrhea of course.

After I had arrived at the bathroom and had someone make sure it was empty, I went inside to investigate. I walked down the long row of stalls till I got to the one with a large pink piece of paper taped on the door that read “Do Not Use.”

I could only imagine why. I pushed open the stall door and was taken aback at the sight. There was no poop to be found anywhere. After having another person corroborate my story, I called back Samantha to relay the news.

“Hey Samantha, so I went up to check the bathroom, and there was no poop to be found.”

“Hmm, that is really odd,” Samantha responded, sounding confused over the phone.

I then hung up after explaining it was clean, then went back to my room. From that day on, in my mind, that duty call will always be called the Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Poop.

I hope it goes without saying that being a Peer Leader brings its own set of challenges, but when those challenges simply disappear, you will not hear me complaining.