Trying a James Bond-themed dinner

Photo by Casey Gomez

When someone says, “Hey, let’s get something to eat,” most would probably not think of eating in James Bond’s living room, but this is exactly what owner Doug Hines has achieved with his mid-century contemporary restaurant twist.

Just steps away from the 10th Street MARTA station, this unsuspecting building takes you by surprise. After taking your seat, you begin to soak in all the subtle details that make this restaurant the true heart of Bond.

Along with unique period fixtures, there are appropriate fabrics and accessories that encapsulate the mood. Hines’ attention to detail is evident with the strong oak bar, complete with reel-to-reel tape machine on the back wall and a separate living room for larger parties that sports a 10-foot wooden table with tall black villain’s chairs ready for your next secret convention.

The attention to the smallest details is second to none. Even the books that are scattered about have a slight connection to the subvert spy theme of the venue, such as travel or training volumes that 007 may have stocking the shelves of his own weekend getaway. The days of boring dining are behind you when you can go to the bathroom and find yourself instead standing in a weapons room with a wall of (fake) guns, and pictures of the eponymous international man of mystery himself.

If all that is not enough to hold your interest, the menu surely will, because here at The Consulate, half the menu rotates periodically. This part of the menu, called Visa, is chock full of delicacies from the selected host country du jour, tailored to an international spy stopping off for a quick bite en route to their latest mission. Of course, there is also the bankable consistency of the house menu, called Resident, with delicious options for the less globally adventurous types.

Some of the past menu items include Lumpia, Yona Ribs, The Diplomat (a delicious fish dish) and Moscow Stroganoff just to name a few. While some of these dishes may seem a little off-base from your normal fast food fare, you will not be let down by any dish you pick. Along with some of the more traditional features of the menu, including a killer burger, you can also order classic Sinatra-style cocktails to take you in a time machine back to the days when bar beverages were king.

A few of their most popular drinks include the American, the Scott, the Irish and Taylor Fladgate. Restaurant diners should have no problem finding the right drink to pair perfectly with any dish you choose. Without a trip to The Consulate, I can say with confidence you will be missing out on a great opportunity to take a step into your favorite spy’s living room to enjoy a bite and unwind in relative safety — or so they would have you believe. This is your mission, should you choose to accept it.