Why I chose LMC as my major

Photo by Casey Gomez

It is only a matter of time. It could be seconds, days, or even weeks after meeting someone before I hear the question: “So why did you choose LMC at Tech?”

It is a fair question, and one I get at least monthly without fail. Students majoring in Literature, Media and Communication are few and far between, and are accustomed to jokes at their expense. Some of the jabs, I admit, are funny and simply playful teasing.

The world is unmistakably and rapidly developing with a technology-focused mindset, and Tech is certainly the place to be as that happens. I am blessed with a passion and talent for writing, and I think that Tech offers the perfect opportunity to combine technically advanced concepts with liberal arts.

Sure, I could also develop my communication skills somewhere else, but as a writer I am desperate to find a great topic to write about. I think that there is nowhere else that so conveniently and perfectly gives me something to write about as Tech does. I love learning about virtual reality or nanotechnology and being able to tell people what it is and why they should care.

I want to communicate these technical concepts in a way that people can understand and get behind things. I want governments to hear about new technology and be willing to implement it because it will make people’s lives better. I hope that people can read what I write about science and be inspired to learn more. If investors read about an engineer’s ideas, I want them to be able to envision how it might be the next big thing.

Maybe if the world better understood what happens behind the scenes, people could see the incredible things that are happening and be a little more hopeful about the future. This aspiration of mine is a daunting one, but I can’t think of a better place to be with that goal.

I took the incredible chance I was given to study at one of the most highly-regarded institutes in the world. I am so excited to collaborate as part of diverse community to create incredible, innovative solutions to the world’s greatest problems. I am endlessly inspired by being constantly surrounded by great minds.

When I walk into the LMC classes I have taken so far, I am surrounded by a group of people who are endlessly positive, passionate and unafraid to stand out in a crowd. They are willing to speak up and fight for what they believe in, and they fight equally hard for their place at Tech.

They are as diverse as you could imagine, and their interests vary widely from mine. Some are nerds for classic literature, others for social justice and still others for graphic design.

In the end, why did anyone choose to go anywhere for college? It is a combination of various factors that all must be painstakingly considered, all while desperately hoping that the college you decide to attend is where you belong.

I am certain I made the right decision.