A Word From the SGA Candidates: Sujay and Richard

Photo courtesy of Sujay and Richard

We are honored to be running for your Student Body President and Executive Vice President. We both have continually served the student body through SGA, and we are excited to share our innovative ideas with each and every student.

Our main focus for this election season is enhancing the student experience. Our current roles serving on the Executive Cabinet as Vice President of Campus Services (Sujay) and Speaker of the House (Richard) have allowed us to establish contacts with key administration and faculty.

Our plan is to leverage these connections to bring positive changes to both campus and institute policies as soon as we enter office.

To strengthen the student experience, we will be focusing on campus infrastructure and dining, parking and transportation, mental wellness and fostering a closer community.

Some of our key initiatives include establishing the JED Foundation’s Campus Program Framework within our Counseling Center to create specialized solutions for students’ needs, bring discounted Uber rides to campus, evaluate and potentially change dining options, and start the “I’m a Helluva Volunteer Initiative” to better engage the surrounding community.  By efficiently tackling student concerns one by one, we can channel the strength of SGA into a positive force for the students.

SGA will serve as the megaphone for all student organizations, where any organization can come speak their mind or advertise their events.

By focusing on methods to increase transparency, students will be better informed about the policies of the State Government, institute policies and SGA actions.

We love being Yellow Jackets, and we see many avenues for growth for not just students but the entire school. Thank you for your consideration, and if you wish to learn more about our platform and our ideas, check out our website at sujayandrichard.com.