A Word From the SGA Candidates: Leanne and Apollo

Photo courtesy of Leanne and Apollo

We are excited to announce our candidacy for your Student Body President and Executive Vice President!

We have served Tech for the past three years through SGA and several other organizations. I serve as the current Joint Vice President of Campus Organizations, which allows me to work closely with both Undergraduate SGA and Graduate SGA.

Apollo serves as the Economics Representative in the House of Representatives and has been on House Leadership the past two years as both Membership Chair and Parliamentarian.

Together, we have reached out to students all across campus to find what they are looking for from their experience at Georgia Tech. We are excited to share our motto, “Your Tech & Our Campus”.

“Your Tech” focuses on the needs of each individual student on campus. It encompasses how your academics, your well-being, and your career are unique and allow you to develop who you are here at Georgia Tech.

Our goal is to see each student individually succeed and thrive. We can support each student by improving the transparency on who gets information from CIOS and getting Institute approved absences for the Career Fair.

“Our Campus” represents the whole Georgia Tech community. We plan to focus on the inclusivity, safety, communication and culture of our campus. We want to establish networking opportunities for our students and consolidate our communication as ways to improve our community. We believe these areas connect each and every student and showcase the overall Tech experience.

Thank you for considering us for the position to represent and work with all Georgia Tech students. We hope to have your support!  Learn more about our platform at leanneapollo2017.com. Voting opens March 13 at 9 a.m. and closes March 16 at 5 p.m., and we encourage all students to voice their opinions!