Blissing & Wroth 2017

Campaign photo by Brighton Kamen

Cathy Blissing and Stuart T. Wroth want an immense stipend next year, and they need your support to get it.

As candidates for president and vice president of Tech’s undergraduate SGA, Blissing and Wroth promise to say that they will diligently work on your behalf. If you believe that they will, the team is confident that they can live up to that pledge.

Some of the major items on their platform reflect how willing they are to make statements on all the tough issues affecting students. For example, under “Mental Health,” Blissing and Wroth vow to use the words “mental” and “health” at least once a month, either in SGA newsletters or just when talking to friends. Inspiring!

Blissing and Wroth are realistic and upfront about their goals. They will tell you straight up: it might take months for this dynamic duo to make anything happen. Even something small — like changing the channel on the Student Center TVs — could take quite a while. But when they do accomplish an objective, believe us, you’ll know about it. Blissing and Wroth promise to harass the Technique and Melissa Moore for a mention of their amazing deeds so that even students without Facebook can be made aware of just how hard they have been working.

With a campaign staff made up of their closest friends and also those smart people from their public policy class, Blissing and Wroth are confident in their ability to get out the vote. They even have a strategy to go along with that positivity.

“According to our projections, we can expect 95 percent of those who vote to be liberal arts majors,” Blissing said. “So we’re pretty much fine if we ignore whatever engineers and those other science-y majors care about.”

With their winning attitude and clear-cut policy plans, Blissing and Wroth seem like the obvious choice the for SGA presidency this year. However, in the case of a loss, the pair has touted their sportsmanship and capacity for grace.

“If we lose, you would probably never hear from us again,” Wroth said. “You might see me maybe one time on Skiles. But other than that, yeah, no.”

Such class!