Your hate will not silence me

Photo courtesy of author

Two weeks ago I found my “I <3 Israel” bumper sticker on my car covered by a Hitler sticker.

I have been fortunate enough to have not experienced direct anti-Semitism in my life until this. It is easy to live in this bubble on a college campus in Midtown, Atlanta and think racism and hatred towards religions are part of an older generation.

But there is no doubt this was a hate crime. It makes me both incredibly sad and angry that America, a place that is supposed to be welcoming of all races and religions, has still allowed hate to manifest in such an ugly form.

Jews have been victims of discrimination throughout all of history. I have been to Poland, inside the concentration camps, and have seen the horrifying result of blind hatred with my own eyes. One reason Hitler was so successful in exterminating 6 million Jews was because of the silence of the masses.

I refuse to be a part of the masses. I will not allow history to repeat itself.

To the person who did this, your behavior is appalling. I hope you will one day find that your hostility is misguided. Choose to share love, rather than hatred, into this world.

Go ahead and place another million stickers — nothing you do will silence the pride I have for my heritage, my beliefs, my homeland or my people.

This letter to the editor is being published anonymously in accordance with the author’s wishes. Her story has been verified.