The responsibility to vote

Photo by Tim Nowack

All college students, especially those at Tech, should make effort to vote. Despite any discouragement that may have bubbled up throughout the grueling last year and a half, voting is still greatly important due to several reasons.

For one, in any election, there is more than one issue at stake than the big contest at the top of the ticket. This one is no different. Local votes, like an additional tax for the purpose of relieving congestion and improving public transportation, are being effectively decided in this election.

Things like this should be of high importance to all Tech students, most of whom have a fair amount more time to spend here. Even for those that do not, there is always the chance of finding a job in the immediate area. Moreover, students may have family still in Georgia who will be affected by the results of these elections.

Regardless of whether the issues immediately affect the voters, the act is important because it allows citizens a stake in the political process. If finding yourself upset about the current state of political affairs is the norm, it is imperative to make your voice heard. Even if the candidate you support does not win, parties look at the demographics of those who voted in order to tweak their platforms as well as future decisions towards the stances that will be supported.

Lastly, it is crucial to remember that any law or provision taken for granted now is by no means permanent. If you value the right to marriage equality, reproductive freedom or even the Citizens’ United Supreme Court decision, make your point of view known by providing input in the form of a vote for candidates that support these things. This is of even increased importance with the imminent selection of a Supreme Court justice.

In any case, it bears repeating: everyone that can vote should do so.