Endeavor to protect the sanctuary that is the gym

Photo by Tyler Meuter

The gym is sacred for many people. It is a place to go work out frustrations, have fun and release a lot of endorphins. There are many things at Tech that can get students riled up, and the weight room of the CRC should be a sort of sanctuary where there are no annoyances aside from not hitting the last rep. This means that people at the gym need to know how to use the gym.

If someone has headphones in their ears, then there are only a few things that make it acceptable to interrupt them. If they just started their sets, then it is okay to ask to work in or later ask how much longer they will be using the equipment. Otherwise, there should probably be a fire. On the other hand, if a person chooses to workout with headphones, they should be aware of their surroundings. If someone is obviously waiting, offer to let them work in.

It is also extremely easy to get injured at the gym. This means that having proper form when lifting weights is increasingly important as the weight increases. Breaking form in a deadlift can mean a pulled back muscle which can hinder exercises for at least two weeks. This being said, more weight does not always mean a person looks cooler. If a person cannot lift the weight without breaking form, then they should not be lifting that weight. It makes them look incompetent, not strong.

When lifting heavy things, it is essential to re-rack the weights. Not only does it make it hard for people to find the weights when they aren’t put up properly, but not everyone at the gym can easily lift eight 45-pound plates. Re-racking weights is also a clear sign that you are done with the equipment, and when one is done with the equipment the weights should be put back properly — 45s on the bottom and increasingly smaller weights proceeding toward the top. There is a place for everything. And besides, employees do not want to rearrange everything at the end of the day.

There are also days where cardio will be the name of the game. If the gym is busy then it is every man for himself. But if it is a ghost town, it is a different game. Follow the rules of the urinal: do not use the one directly next to someone and do not stand on a cardio machine  directly behind another person. No one looks or smells good while doing cardio, so stay as far away as possible.

Speaking of sweat, no one wants someone else’s sweat on them unless it is Ariana Grande’s as you are standing in the front row of her concert. The wipes are there for a reason. Use them. If a person knows they are especially sweaty, then they should bring or borrow a towel and put it between them and the benches while paying close attention to where the head goes.

In the end, people need to be respectful of other people’s time and space. A workout might just be the only time when someone can relax, and that should not be ruined by being inconsiderate.