The pointlessness of celebrity gossip

Photo by Tyler Meuter

After the initial small talk, conversations segue into current events, but people tend to focus on lighter topics rather than things that matter.

From news articles to the conversations that take place, I have learned that Taylor Swift ended her relationship with DJ Calvin Harris in June. She started dating Tom Hiddleston, just two weeks later. Calvin Harris has since deleted tweets about Swift and started wearing Yeezys. Meanwhile Kim Kardashian ignited a war with Swift through an interview and then released several videos which Swift claims to be an act of “character assassination.”

With the immense detail and fascination at mundane details of celebrities’ lives, I’m surprised that we don’t have a live update on them — today Swift woke up from bed, ate breakfast, checked in on social media, and continued to live her life. Gasp.

This same detail and vigor is not present when people engage in heavier topics. Not only are people afraid of stepping on toes when it comes to differing viewpoints, but many people are not well informed on these topics.

The news can be depressing or even boring especially after a long day. It is easy to get swept away by the glamour and excitement of celebrity gossip to escape reality. However, knowing the details about celebrity gossip achieves absolutely nothing. Not only are these discussions fruitless, but most of what is written comes from unnamed sources, is based on speculation, and reads way too much into social media posts. Since we so rarely ever hear from celebrities about their personal lives what we read may  not even be true.

While, it’s important to allow your mind to decompress, it is also vital to remember that the world goes just beyond a single individual. So, to what extent does one need to be involved in current events?

For starters, no one is required to dedicate their life to world issues. It’s unrealistic since the news continuously changes and discoveries are continually being made. However, keeping up with the news as opposed to the Kardashians is so much more beneficial because although you may not be directly affected by what is happening these issues actually impact society.

Bombings happen quite frequently in the Middle East and while we may not be directly impacted, it can affect our country’s foreign policy. The Zika virus may not be an imminent threat to you, but this August hundreds of athletes are  exposing themselves to the virus to represent their country in the Olympics. The GOP’s platform aims to repeal marriage equality and discriminate against minority groups in an attempt to “make America great again.” But do we want to become a nation that practices hate and discrimination?

For those that do care about their community, educated dialog is the first step to enacting change, and to start these conversations it’s vital to know what is happening. Instead of scrutinizing the decisions of celebrities on their personal life, let’s have analytical conversations about the state of the world because it’s these kinds of conversations that can inspire change and make an impact.

You don’t need to stop reading celebrity gossip all together. Just keep in mind, that while you try to know everything about Taylor Swift, you will probably never even be on her radar.