Suresh, Nickel; campaign trail reflections

Photo courtesy of Anju & Ben 2016

This campaign season has been an amazing experience, and we have just a little further to go. We wanted to take a step back and reflect on the campaign trail to really show why we want to be your Student Body president and executive vice president.

Anju Suresh: I asked Ben to be my executive vice president when we were both volunteering for the Ramblin’ On Graduation Ceremony one year ago today. We had both just gotten our official appointments to Student Government Association (SGA) Executive Board for the following year.

It was to be Ben’s first year in SGA, so we had spoken about why he chose to get involved and what he hoped to get out of the experience. I had quite honestly not known Ben incredibly well at that point, but it didn’t take more than a few hours to recognize that his undying commitment to the Yellow Jacket community and his ability to truly listen and care about others would make him an invaluable asset to SGA Leadership.

Even when the campaign trail gets rough, Ben’s unwavering principles help drive us back to the reason we are running for your president and executive vice president: because we firmly believe that our love for those at Tech, coupled with our months of preparation, make us the most qualified candidates for this position.

Ben and I have been working for over a year on crafting a platform that encapsulates
the incredible diversity of this Institute.

We are Yellow Jackets. We are innovative, brilliant, diverse, philanthropic, artistic, and everything in between. The student experience here is vastly different depending on who you speak to at Tech and we’ve been there to understand what those issues look like for different communities across campus.

Ben Nickel: My experience in SGA this past year has been one of the most exciting during my time at Tech.

I have made a ton of friends, gotten the chance to impact many different students, and had a blast along the way. Everyone I’ve met through this experience shows a true love for the Institute.

I believe Anju exemplifies this undying love for Tech, and all the students within it. She is the most committed person to positive change on this campus and I never doubt for a second her ability to follow through.

The truth is ­­ this campaign season has been long and tireless, but absolutely worth every second.

Anju and I have been blessed to have so much support in the Tech community, and we will never stop giving back to the Institute in the rest of our time here. We are so close to the end of this campaign journey that started one year ago today!

The last few weeks have not been easy, but it’s brought so much to us in terms of the relationships we’ve built and the communities we’ve had the chance to experience.

We’ve never felt so deeply ingrained to the thread of the Tech community and for that and more, we thank you. We thank you for the opportunity to share our vision and for the chance to learn about the facets of our diverse community that we otherwise would not have had the chance to encounter.

We’re honored and excited to be given the opportunity to re­engage with you all as we re­launch our campaign and rev up for runoffs!