Nagela and Shane; “working together for progress”

When we decided to run for executive ticket, we started with a vision: we believe in a Georgia Tech where students of all backgrounds, cultures and identities have equal access and opportunity to pursue the highest level of success as they define it. Georgia Tech deserves candidates who will fight for and defend our student body, and we assure you that: Together We Can!

It is never enough to simply recognize issues that face us; we must also be committed to making real the dream that got us started in the beginning. That is why we have worked tirelessly to craft a platform that echoes how deeply dedicated we are to the GT community. In simplest terms, WE CAN.

WE CAN is a simple reminder of our community’s most pressing issues: wellness, enhanced parking and transportation, campus inclusivity, academic concerns & student programs, and new student resource improvements. But beyond this, it is our contract with the Georgia Tech community. We are committed to using the next year to leverage relationships we have built with administration and student organizations to make specific, actionable improvements to our campus. “We Can” is the promise of our ticket for true progress and service.

What does an actionable goal look like under our platform? It is making CIOS data — like hours spent on work outside of class — available to students on Course Critique, so they can make informed academic decisions. It’s fighting for an Interfaith Center and building upon strategic, interfaith partnerships with Emory. It is creating a
mental health portal on BuzzPort to connect students with the most efficient campus, local, state and national resources to meet their unique needs. It’s making funds more easily
available to student organizations. It’s mitigating the impact of a campus carry law and being present at legislative hearings to inform statewide decision-making with Yellow Jacket opinion. It’s reinstating free night and weekend parking, providing for a public means of artistic expression, and helping international students find jobs. All these things — initiatives that WE CAN achieve — are provided for by our ticket.

What we do not provide are unrealistic expectations of what we can offer. Instead, we bring actionable ideas and tangible results. That’s why as important as it is to think of things that WE CAN do, we must also note that together, we already have.

Nagela brings three years of SGA experience to defend what’s important to you. As VP of Student Life, she has overseen advancements in athletics, cultural and diversity initiatives and wellness on campus. In that capacity, she’s pushed forward innovative ideas like the Hammock Garden pilot project, the Campus Inclusivity Pledge, the Ramblin’ Rewards program, and the Basketball Tip-Off Event. Nagela meets with administrators on a weekly basis, and is prepared to leverage these networks to make actionable change happen.

Shane brings a familiarity with SGA affairs as Junior Class Rep, and his extracurricular involvements bolster his advocacy for a wide array of student interests. He has co-authored resolutions to help cultural organizations receive funding for cultural food and to promote transparency and fairness regarding the Student Code of Conduct. Much of his on-campus experience comes from the work he’s done in Phi Gamma Delta as Pledge Educator, Social Chairman & Assistant Social Chairman, as co-President of Tech Beautification Day, member of FASET, ODK, GT Ambassadors and more.

On behalf of us and our entire team, thank you. We’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us on Facebook or at our website! And remember that because together we have, TOGETHER WE CAN.