Brian and Megan; “advocating for the students”

We couldn’t be more honored to be running for Student Body President and Vice President. With our combined 5 years of internal SGA experience and external SGA outlook through extracurriculars such as the Korean Undergraduate Student Association, Ramblin Reck Club, GT Tour Guides, Campus Outreach, Journey Christian Fellowship, Phi Mu and more, you won’t find a more balanced and involved ticket on the ballot!

With a lot of brainstorming and a thumbs up from Dean Stein, we have narrowed our vision for campus into three main components: Transparency, Safety and Inclusivity.

We decided to narrow our promise to three over arching platforms because we don’t want to address campus issues at a surface level. We want to make a promise that we can deliver. As representatives of the undergraduate student body, we look forward to advocating for student driven initiatives and believe that our condensed platform will provide us the freedom to do just that.

Of our three platforms, transparency is our priority because we believe that SGA is of the students, for the students and by the students. This means that unless the student body knows exactly what SGA does, and in turn, is able to clearly express their voice, we as SGA are failing to do what we were originally created to do. By improving transparency, we hope to make SGA more efficient and effective in representing the student opinion and the funding process, working to empower the student organizations and to improve the student experience.

Some ideas we have in increasing transparency is to use SGA committees to reach out to different student organizations. We also want to instill the intent and purpose of SGA starting with our freshman Yellow Jackets, by reaching out to them through Georgia Tech mandated avenues such as GT 1000 classes FASET. Furthermore, we want to be proactive in gaining student feedback, and some ideas we have to do that are approval ratings of the President/SGA and a mid-year survey that will be sent out to gauge student concerns on campus and to directly receive feedback.

Safety includes more than just late night transportation and creation of safe spaces. Safety also includes the wellbeing of our fellow students. We strive to put student mental health at the forefront of this Institute’s priorities, making sure that students can take part in the creation of more mental health resources and of safe spaces in the student center re(in)novation process.

Under inclusivity, our goal is to embrace Tech’s diversity in backgrounds, beliefs and talents by partnering with different student organizations on campus to foster cross cultural and organizational events. We believe that committees under the executive branch should be more focused on reaching out to different student organizations on campus so that SGA can partner with them to make an impact on campus. SGA should not be the event planners and holders; SGA should be fostering and encouraging student involvement. So no matter your race, background, or passion, whether you are greek or non-greek, East or West Campus, everyone should have the same voice and ability to do what they enjoy throughout their time here.

We want to take a moment to thank all of you for making this campaign not only memorable, but enjoyable. We love Georgia Tech, we love our Yellow Jackets, and we have loved having the opportunity to pay it forward! While we would deeply appreciate your vote come April 8th, we value an educated vote even more! So we encourage you to explore your options and to learn more about what we stand for by visiting

Together we can put the ‘us’ back in ‘campus.’