Anju and Ben — the leaders we need

Photo courtesy of Anju & Ben 2016

After much contemplation, investigation and discussion, we at the Technique  are pleased to endorse Anju Suresh and Ben Nickel as the most viable ticket for the  upcoming undergraduate SGA elections.

With the many incidents that have taken place this past year with respect to OSI, our campus is divided. Suresh and Nickel have a platform with novel and deliverable goals that make them the unifiers that this campus needs.

The duo’s idea for a system to help students understand bias and discrimination is necessary to create an inclusive and accepting environment.

The most promising aspect of this ticket’s platform is their plan for engaging with the student body by providing a portal for students to create a petition. Should the petition gather enough signatures, SGA would help the students bring the petition to fruition by advocating on behalf of the students and providing guidance.

Suresh and Nickel show potential for fostering positive change on campus because they have strong connections across student organizations, and maintaining good student relations is especially prudent after this year.

These two are an active part of the campus and have a successful track record for implementing initiatives. Suresh further unified the internal structure of SGA by facilitating the annual retreat, and Nickel is the force behind I <3 GT week.

The other candidates this year are also strong contenders. Nukuna and Mudrinich are well-informed with the internal workings of SGA, but their platform lacks innovation. Shin and Fechter have a unique but underdeveloped platform. Dada and Perry may have a fresh perspective, but they lack concrete plans for execution.

Suresh and Nickel have a platform that is bold and, with proper execution, can make lasting changes on our campus.