We deserve to have a better Student Center

Photo courtesy of Jennifer Abrams

Georgia Tech is undoubtedly one of the best places in the world to get an education.

Many of us are familiar with the facts, statistics and programs the Institute broadcasts to incoming Yellow Jackets of how we cultivate an academic learning environment which produces the best and brightest students.

As students, I would think that most of us have something that we do outside of the classroom whether that be participating in a student organization, reading, making music, dancing, fellowshipping or participating in a religious group, or maybe playing a sport.

Fortunately for about 7 to 10 of our student organizations, we have office space for them. The other 390 to 393 organizations just have to wrestle for space on campus.

Our dance organizations have found random spots all over campus to practice and maybe get lucky enough to use a studio in the CRC every once in a blue moon. Our religiously affiliated groups don’t really have any space on campus unless it is a group affiliated with CCF, the Wesley Foundation, BCM, or the Catholic Center. Under the Couch … well it’s deceivingly not under a couch so that’s just a cruel play on words.

Naturally this is enough space for all the student life that undoubtedly also happens on our campus every day, right? Wrong.

The Student Center is really one of the few places on campus where there is space and opportunity to have a life outside the classroom. Or at least it should be.

We all feel how small and cramped the Student Center is during that 11–12 hour on Tuesdays and Thursdays and during any big meal period through the day.

Most student organizations feel the frustration of looking to book a space in the Student Center and every room being booked, even when the meeting is a month away!

Honestly, we deserve better. It’s not just that we need a bigger, newer, and more spacious building, but we deserve a place to cultivate and have student life on this campus just as much as we deserve the space to enhance our academic life.

The new Student Center may not be here during a time when any of us are using it, but imagine if the students here when they were renovating the CRC had said that?

It’s going to take time, and its going to cost money. In the end though, it will be a building that adds to the experience and community on this campus in so many different ways, even in ways we haven’t thought of yet.

Take this opportunity to pay it forward for our students coming after us. Vote this week to re(in)novate the Student Center at reinnovation.studentcenter.gatech.edu!