Stop complaining and focus on working hard

Photo by Monica Jamison

I hate my job(s), and I don’t feel bad about it. People have asked me, “But aren’t you afraid that your employers will read this and terminate you from the company?” Ha, yeah right! My employers know that I’m good at what I do and that my contributions help the company succeed, and in the current state of business there is no one else capable of doing what I do. Let’s face it, we all have some reason that is binding us to our shitty jobs; otherwise we would just quit.

So what is this really about? It is about working hard no matter what your opinion about the actual job is.

I am one of the lowest paid yet hardest working people at my job(s). To you it probably sounds like I just have an inflamed ego, but I have superiors that will back up that claim. The question that I am most often asked — “Why do you work so hard?” — can be answered with three reasons.

It’s coded into my DNA. Is not working hard an option? I was raised in a family where hard work is standard. When in school, my dad worked night shifts and attended class during the day. My step-mom is a vice president at her company and comes home to wrangle three young children. My sister and I both have two jobs and are full-time students. Working hard is all I know and all I’ve ever done.

It earns me respect at my job(s). By working hard and providing what the company wants from me allows me to get what I want from the company. Superiors respect and trust the decisions I make because they know that whatever I am doing will be of high quality. Because I work harder than my colleagues, I am more likely to be granted requests that I may have for time off work.

I need future references. Inevitably I’m going to find a job that I enjoy, and I’m going leave the current place(s) I hate. In order to do this, many companies want job references from previous employers to better understand your work ethic. While my employer(s) would hate to lose me, I know for a fact that they would speak highly of me in order to obtain a better job.

If everyone that I worked with had this same mentality, I honestly wouldn’t hate my job(s) as much. So do us all a favor, deal with your sh*tty job and work hard at it; none of us like it here. If you’re not going to work hard, just get out.