The Student Center needs to be expanded

Photo by Tyler Meuter

Through time and a booming student population, the Student Center can no longer meet the needs of our students. Whether it’s the giant lines to pick-up textbooks from the post office, or the dense winding lines to grab a quick meal, it is evident that the building is bursting at the seams.  If you’re in a student organization on campus, I know you’ve experienced frustration finding an available space for that event you really wanted to host, not to mention finding a consistent weekly meeting space that accommodates all of your members.  At a school with over 400 student organizations, why do we only have six offices?  And how about storing leftover supplies from your last event?  Usually, someone volunteers to keep it in their apartment, only to never be seen again.

At a school where we pride ourselves on excellence, it is time we stand together as students to say “Yes!” to building a better Georgia Tech by renovating and expanding the Student Center.  It is time for us to live up to our school’s motto, “progress and service” and help future generations achieve success.

March 9th- 16th, you will have the opportunity to voice your opinion on the expansion of this building that lies at the very heart of our campus.  Yes, the project will include a fee increase, but this fee will never exceed $85/semester and will not have to be paid for until the building is in use.

So, why should you vote for something you won’t use? You will be leaving a legacy for future students.  You are also helping build the reputation of Tech by establishing another state of the art building on campus.

If you have any questions, the Student Center is offering many opportunities for students to learn more. There is a n eye opening tour that shows visual evidence of how outdated the building is. There will also be open forums happening up until the vote.  Lastly, people are tabling all over campus, so if you see them, stop by to ask questions. Feel free to reach out if you’d like to get involved, or have any questions. My email is [email protected].

Do not neglect the inevitable.  The time is here for us to step up as leaders and pave the way for the success of the future of Georgia Tech.