Newspapers stolen around campus

Stacks of the Technique have gone missing from several stands around campus over the past two weeks. While we encourage students to pick up copies of the newspaper, we do not condone people taking large bundles of the newspaper and prohibiting others from reading the paper.

Stealing the paper is theft of thousands of dollars of school property. Additionally, part of the paper is funded through the student activity fee, which every student pays; therefore, all students deserve weekly content. More critically, this is an illegal act of censorship of the media.

As content creators of the Technique, we have First Amendment rights to publish whatever we want without any external input. Hence, we understand that not everyone is going to be satisfied with the content that is published weekly.

And that is okay. In fact, we encourage differences in opinion and ask that you share these opinions with us. Students, staff and faculty are encouraged to comment on articles through social media or write letters to the editor. If you believe that the issue is far too pressing to be handled in written form, then we at the Technique are more than happy to meet with you and engage in conversation.

The Tech community is being robbed of the opportunity to take part in discussions relevant to the campus. Students’ voices cannot be heard, and thus, there can be no call for change on our campus.

While there are many ways to deal with dissatisfaction over published content, it is incredibly childish and disrespectful to the Technique staff, advertisers and the Tech community to take away newspapers.

We are incredibly disappointed by the actions of the individuals who thought it was okay to take our work and voices and not allow us to share it with our intended audience. We hope that in the future, any discrepancies will be handled maturely.

The Consensus Opinion reflects the majority opinion of the Editorial Board of the Technique, but not necessarily the opinions of individual editors.