A word from the candidates: Jen and Jeff; “continuing success”

We are so excited to have this opportunity to run for Student Body President and Vice President for the upcoming year! The two of us currently serve as the Vice President of Campus Affairs and the Director of External Affairs on the Executive Cabinet for SGA.

We are excited about building upon the successes we have had this year as well as working hard in the areas that we see need improvement.

Our platform consists of four main points that we’ve broken down into specific goals to carry out in the next year.

Campus safety is of utmost importance, and communication with Georgia Tech police is key to the success of keeping our student body safe. We are already working on improving the campus safety mobile application students use to communicate with GTPD. A campus safety app committee that we serve on has been working all semester looking at a new or improved app ready to begin implementation this summer.

An important focus of the application is the connection with our transportation services: making the timing and communication more reliable for students to use, especially at night when it is most important.

Campus wellness is a vital focus because we want every student to have the opportunity and resources to keep themselves physically, spiritually, and mentally well.

In the upcoming year we would like to see a Wellness Task Force comprised of students working with the new director of the Center for Community Health and Wellbeing to define what wellness looks like on Georgia Tech’s campus.

Academically we are excited to work with the Provost’s office focusing on advocating for improving our current academic experience at Tech and evaluating how academic grievances are being handled.

To foster a “oneGT” community we looked across our different campus communities for where we can create more cohesiveness.

We see areas we can work with in the athletic community, the Greek community, the international and cultural community and our first-year students.

Serving on cabinet this year, we have seen that students don’t always know what SGA can do for them. Our purpose is truly to serve the student body in whatever you all need, and we want every student to know that.

We have the ear of the administration and the resources to help improve the student experience at Georgia Tech. Active transparency includes taking up initiatives that students want throughout the year.

It’s more than a platform; it’s a process. We are going to push the administration for more transparency with the student body because of the tremendous amount of work they do for us.

When students have questions they should be able to find where to get answers and give feedback. Georgia Tech would not be the school that it is without the students, and the student voice needs to be one of the loudest voices the administration hears.

As a team, we have worked together for a year now on Student Government’s Executive Cabinet and are the only candidates that are currently part of SGA.

We hope you will vote for us because we not only have the connections and experience of working heavily with the administration, but also know how SGA works and will hit the ground running.

We are already working and will continue to work to better the student experience at Georgia Tech every single day. We are passionate about serving Georgia Tech students, and we want to work for and with each and every student to make it great to be a Yellow Jacket.