Best & Worst of Tech

Best Campus Addition: Food Trucks 

Long banished into the wilderness, the famously delicious Atlanta food trucks are back on campus, serving a variety of delectable foods to students. Their offerings range from international cuisine with Vietnomies and Ibiza Bites to new takes on traditional fare with the Fry Guy and Mac the Cheese. Perhaps best of all, the trucks all take dining dollars and Buzzfunds so no one will ever have to worry about ending the semester with a positive BuzzCard balance.

Worst Campus Addition: Tobacco Ban

The tobacco ban, which also includes traditional cigarettes, cigars, hookahs, chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes, was passed recently. A poll found that the campus was roughly split on the issue with no decisive majority on either side. Considering the broadness of the ban—it bans smokeless products as well as smoke-producing ones, which could perhaps be better justified—and the effect that it will have on smokers on campus, this is definitely a change that many students will not embrace.

Best Campus Cut: “The T”

In a surprise reprise of one of the most well know campus traditions, the “T” from the northern face of Tech Tower was “eliminated” during spring break. Though returned shortly after the initial incident, it was the first time since 2001 that the “T” was removed from its mounts. Though not nearly as successful as the 1999 incident (that “T” has not been returned), such a notable revival of tradition earned the spot as best elimination from campus.


Worst Campus Cut: The Snow 

Tech is known for many things, but snow days are not among them. Even so, Snowpocalypse, as it has become known, shut down campus for nearly two full weeks. Students were ecstatic at the chance to catch a breather from classes and the campus community could be seen frolicking in the wintry precipitation. However, all good things must come to an end, and the elimination of snow from Tech made sure of that.

Best Sports Game: Basketball against Syracuse 

The Jackets’ last road game of the year was its biggest win in the Brian Gregory era. Trae Golden hit six free throws in the last minute to give Tech a 67-62 win on Syracuse’s senior night.

Worst Sports Game: Football against UGA

Tech and Vad Lee came out firing on all cylinders as Tech was up 20-0 with one minute left in second half. But when U[sic]GA scored with ease in final minute, heartbreak seemed inevitable. Tech lost 41-34 in second overtime.


Best View: CULC Rooftop 

The best view on campus is by far the view from the rooftop garden at the CULC. There is a great view to see the sunset in the evening and the surrounding buildings in downtown Atlanta and Midtown.

Worst View: Woodruff South

There is not a worse view on campus than the one from Woodruff South Residence Hall 315. A sketchy courtyard lies outside your window and a chain-linked fence to the right of the building directly beside busy Northside Drive.

Best WiFi: Do not use it

Despite having the fastest internet connection in the country next to the Pentagon, Tech just can’t seem to keep GTwifi reliably working. It doesn’t matter where on campus you go—connection problems plague students all across Tech. The only way to have reliable GTwifi on campus is to not use GTwifi at all, and use an ethernet cable. Without a doubt, the best place to get GTwifi is a cozy spot near an ethernet jack.

Worst Wifi: CULC

As if GTwifi in the CULC wasn’t bad enough, try getting a reliable connection riding around on the Stinger buses. You’re almost out of data on your cell phone’s monthly data plan and you really need to check Instagram and Twitter to see what your friends are up to. As you zoom by building after building, your wifi never seems to work.


Best Campus Animals: Camels 

In a sea of squirrels, birds and the occasional dog, GT Hillel’s Israel Fest camel and the Middle Eastern Festival camel stand heads and humps above the rest of the animal competition.  On campus for only a few days in the spring semester, the line to take pictures with these camels rivals that of the Bioshock Infinite game release last year. The “Hump Day” craze may have died down, but Tech’s love of camels is still going strong.

Worst Campus Animals: Birds

Chirp. Chirp-chirp. Oh no. The birds are starting to their early morning racket again. Only it’s not dawn when all the other birds in the world start cheeping. It’s 2 a.m., the average bedtime of a Tech student. Perhaps they are confused by all the streetlamps on campus that light up the campus at night, but their daily chorus has the bane of the tired Tech student’s existence.

Best Sports Play: Snow day basketball victory

School was cancelled due to snow, but the basketball game versus Boston College was not. Tech was down one with 3.4 seconds left. Marcus Georges-Hunt fired a 26-foot three-pointer while getting fouled to give Tech a 74-71 win.

Worst Sports Play: Big miss against Ole Miss

Late in the fourth quarter, Johnson called a wide receiver reverse pass, but right right tackle Ray Beno whiffed his block and Corey Dennis fumbled the ball resulting in a safety that gave Ole Miss an eight-point lead and the ball.


Best Restrooms: Clough Single Stalls

Individual stalls at the CULC win out over cramped quarters anywhere else on campus. Though the building may get overly crowded during the crunch times of the the day, the individual rooms and clean stalls make it much more private.

Worst Restrooms: Library 1st floor 

In order to be considered a functional bathroom, there would need to be running water which, for the first floor Library bathrooms, doesn’t seem to be the case. It does, however, provide for good entertainment seeing the face of the Tech students coming out of them.

Fastest Food Line: Chick-Fil-A

Though this line looks perpetually long, looks can be deceiving, and especially so in this case. The Chick-Fil-A line never ceases to move quickly, running like a well-oiled machine. The system the employees have set up with taking orders, prepping food and sending out the deliciously, warm meals is the best of its kind. Their new official slogan should be “Getting Tech students to class on time with a belly full of scrumptious, fried chicken.”

Slowest Food Line: Subway

Despite the fact that the line splits when you get to the counter and the massive number of employees, especially during the daily lunch rush, waiting in Subway’s dreadful line can easily take over 30 minutes. Add 10 minutes to walk to and from your class and Subway, and you only have five minutes to eat your sandwich. You may have better luck hauling yourself over to Tech Square or 14th Street instead.


Best Campus Food: Highland Bakery

It’s not just the heart-racing, glorious Fried Chicken Benedicts (subbed with sweet potato biscuits rather than regular ones, mind you) that make Highland Bakery the best on-campus eatery.

But it is.

Along with the rest of their menu.

Worst Campus Food: Burger Bytes

What was once heralded as the missing piece in the medley of restaurants at Tech, Burger Bytes was a disappointment this year to many students. Both the mediocrity of the food and service are a testament to its sheer lack of any level of success and its upcoming closing.

Best Delivery Service: Zifty

Most delivery food choices for students consist of some form of grease dipped fat blob, and in turn these too become monotonous. That’s where the lesser known Zifty comes in. For a nominal fee, Zifty delivers food from a variety of Midtown and Downtown restaurants (Takorea, Flying Biscuit, Vasarano’s, etc.) directly to Tech students’ doors. Don’t want to drive? Don’t have a car? Zifty can bring food from over 80 restaurants directly to you.


Worst Delivery Service: Pizza

With three pizza places within walking distance of Tech’s campus, one would think that pizza delivery would be the fastest way to get food brought anywhere on campus. For some reason, however, pizza deliveries from anywhere around campus can take upwards of an hour.  Take our advice, delivery isn’t worth it. Save your tip money and pick somewhere else, or walk to the store. We promise you it will be faster and fresher.

Best Core Class: AP Classes

As far as we are concerned, the best core class is no core class. Whether students come in with three hours of AP credit or 64, any chance to skip weed-out classes like physics, calculus and chemistry is a cherished one.

Worst Core Class: Calculus II

No core class at Tech has a worse reputation that Calculus II. Whether students had one of the fabled “Four Horsemen” or mistakenly took the Honors section, the general experience is often filled with widespread lack of understanding and grades of 75 percent that curve to As.


Best Speech: Nick Selby

Almost every single student at Tech has heard those (in)famous words: “You’re at Georgia Tech. You can do that.” Nick Selby’s unbelievably epic convocation speech was easily the best speech given this year. Having made headlines at several national news platforms, the speech was intense, inspirational and incredible. Selby’s magnificent words remind us that nothing—even “playing theme music during your convocation speech like a badass”—is impossible.

Worst Elevators: North Ave. Apts. & Skiles

The two-way tie for being the absolute worst goes to the North Avenue and Skiles elevators. It’s a rare occasion where the elevators actually shoot right up/down to your floor. And the only thing worse than an elevator that stops at every floor is an elevator that doesn’t seem to start, and with the Skiles elevator, allocate 10 minutes to going up two floors, because that elevator just runs on its own time.

Best Statue: Circular saw-looking statue

Out of all the new art additions on campus, the best one would have be to the circular one north of the Campanile. The sculpture resemble spinning gear held in place by studs, a lovely oversize symbol for the most popular and renowned major at Tech:  Engineering. Not only is the statue a good representation of Tech, it is the only of the new addition that is also very useful, helping light up campus at night.

Worst Statue: Tire Wings

Although it might be a symbolic representation of the flaws of the holy beings with the use of trash as a medium, the worst sculpture is the feathered angel wings crafted out of recycled tires. It is a ghoulish presence looming over students as they are leaving class dejectedly, serving as a reminder of ever-present  darkness. The ghastly statue also terrifies students when they walk past it at night as it appears to be Beelzebub’s baby poised to attack.

Best Vending Machine: Does it read BuzzCard?

Many a late night are fueled by refreshments from the handy vending machines around campus. Even better is when the vending machine accepts BuzzCard. Whether students are looking to spend extra money parents like to put on their IDs or simply for a cash-free campus experience, BuzzCard-capable vending machines are the best.


Best Smoking Area: Not campus

After the Board of Regents’ controversial decision to ban all tobacco products on campus, the worst place to smoke on campus has become just that: campus. That’s right; turnt-up-Tuesdays have been replaced by nicotine-never. Students inflamed by the decision have been advised to take their concerns to Home Park.

Best Water Fountain: CRC Second Floor

The water fountains in the CRC right across from the elevators on the second floor make it easy to drink eight glasses a day. The water from these fountains is always at the perfect temperature, and tastes incredibly fresh. Even better, this water fountain is super exclusive: Only those with an active BuzzCard to get in the CRC can access it. What are you waiting for? The next time you work out, stop by and taste the splendor of these heavenly fountains.

Worst Water Fountain: Skiles

If being smelly, gross, and depressing wasn’t enough to cement Skiles’ bad reputation, terrible water fountains can be added to its repertoire. Not only do the water fountains look a bit unhygienically dank, but when you go to drink water from it, good luck coaxing out even a single drop. The water fountains in Skiles are as non-responsive as a computer stuck on the blue screen of death. Congratulations, Skiles, you’ve won another “worst.”