A word from the candidates: Conrad Rybka & Donovan Shuman

Hey Everyone!

Conrad and Donovan here! As you probably have heard, we are running to be your next Student Body President and Vice President and we could not be more excited. We believe that SGA is an incredible organization that works ridiculously hard to improve life on campus. The one thing that SGA could improve on though, is the way it takes credit for the awesome work it accomplishes. We see that as a huge issue because the students have no idea what their government is doing for them, so many do not even care about SGA at all. It is our thought that if SGA were to do a better job of reaching out to all students in a way that was attractive and engaging, then students might realize that the student government CAN do something for them. They might be more willing to give their input on issues that really matter to them and when SGA has more student input, it can focus on the most important issues to the student body.

That’s why our campaign is a little unorthodox. We want to show you that we are different. We do not have the direct SGA experience that our opponents have, but we have a vision for an outwardly engaging SGA and passion to make it happen. Our time at Tech has been spent involved in different organizations with all different types of students on campus. We wholeheartedly believe that our outside perspective is something that this campus needs in its next leaders.

The student body does not deserve to have a government stuck in a rut. SGA has a great opportunity to improve the way that it helps students; it just needs a pair of strong leaders with a different vision to make it happen. If you too feel that our campus needs something different, please check out all that we stand for at NoRuts.com. There you can see our specific plans for next year and get a better idea of what we are about. We hope that you will find that we have what it takes to make a huge change for the better.

“No Shortcuts, No Ruts.”

—Conrad Rybka & Donovan Shuman