A word from the candidates: Alex Bandes & Yvonne Ploder

By voting for Alex Bandes and Yvonne Ploder, you will be voting for a united team founded on a solid friendship, years of experience and striving for a single goal: to represent YOU.

We have combined five years of Student Government experience in all three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

Alex has served as Class President his freshman and sophomore years and currently serves as the Junior Class President and Treasurer for the Undergraduate Student Government.

Yvonne serves as a Justice in the Judicial Branch of Student Government Association (SGA) and is involved with multiple organizations at Tech.

After reaching out to students from all corners of campus we have decided to focus our platform on three core issues: student engagement, faculty/student relations and campus health.

Student engagement is about empowering students to take charge of their experience at Tech. We want to develop Course Forum where students can collaborate with professors to create classes on topics that are relevant today.

A second focus, a Road Map to Success, will be an online, interactive tool where students can learn about experiences, classes and skills needed to succeed in their field.

We hope to improve faculty student relations primarily through the F2S Initiative: Faculty to Student Relations Initiative, which will address classroom communication issues with professors and teaching assistants (TAs) to allow for an easier learning experience.

Finally, we are addressing campus mental health through our WHIT initiative: Whatever it Takes. This aims to dissolve the social stigma associated with seeking counseling.

On the physical side of health, we want to install a program called Food for Thought, which will improve the healthy food options in the middle of campus.

While the core issues are important, our ultimate goal is to make Tech a better place for YOU. Your vision is our direction.

­—Alex Bandes & Yvonne Ploder