The Student Center Bill

On Tuesday, Oct. 30, both the Graduate Senate and the Undergraduate House of Representatives passed a bill allocating $75,000 for the renovation of the Student Center Ballroom’s hardwood floor and $50,000 for a new multipurpose room in the Student Center. The unanimous decision by both groups is a positive step for SGA and the administration, indicating a keen awareness of student interests.

Over the summer, campus administration intended to carpet the floor of the Student Center Ballroom, which has one of the biggest hardwood floors in Atlanta. Several on-campus and off-campus groups, including ballroom dancing clubs, salsa clubs and even wedding planners, use the Student Center Ballroom for its hardwood floors. Even organizations such as the Society of Women in Engineering (SWE) utilize the hardwood flooring for annual events. By postponing the carpeting, the campus administration has demonstrated its value for the student body’s opinions, and by passing a bill to renovate the hardwood floors, SGA has demonstrated its willingness to address student needs. $75,000 is certainly a reasonable investment to satisfy people who depend on the Student Center Ballroom.

The other part of the bill, funding fixtures, furniture and equipment for a new multipurpose room, also addresses student needs. The room, which will be approximately one-third of the size of the ballroom, will be useful for clubs that are too large to meet at most places on campus. It will also lighten the load for booking Student Center rooms during the peak hours of the day.

Given that there are no immediate plans to expand or dramatically renovate the Student Center, the bill represents an effective use of SGA funds to maximize the utility of the current resources available to students.