Picon & Tucker

Photo Courtesy of PiconTucker

We are so excited to be running to be your next SGA President and Executive Vice President! Over our past three years at Tech, we have experienced so much of what this great school has to offer—now, it’s our turn to give back.

We have both been involved in SGA for three years. This past year, Nick served as both the Junior Class President and the Vice President of Campus Affairs.

He has authored over 75 bills in the Undergraduate House of Representatives for over $400,000 and led the integration of Gotcha cars on campus.

Lucy served as Vice President of Academic affairs and has worked to make various changes to Dead Week Policy and to oversee planning for the implementation of a student-faculty mentorship program during the Summer 2013 semester.

Our vision for next year includes both previous initiatives that we have worked on in the past year as well as some new ideas. Positive mental health on campus is extremely important to both of us and we plan to advocate for more funding for the Counseling Center from Student Affairs.

We have already been working on the implementation of a web portal that will allow students to access all mental health resources on campus from one location.

The Counseling Center reports that Tech students experience more academic stress than the national average, so we also plan to address mental health issues through the improvement of academic resources.

Thus, we have already been working to provide an Academic Grievances website to students for a variety of grievances that occur throughout the semester.

Another part of our platform focuses on the improvement of school spirit and Greek relations. In parts of campus, it is difficult to even tell you’re at Tech except for the signs that designate buildings. We wish to partner with organizations such as the Ramblin’ Reck Club and the Alumni Association to increase the number of students wearing white and gold on Fridays and the amount of Tech regalia apparent around campus.

We also want to promote more positive interactions between the Greek community, which comprises approximately 22% of students, and campus administrators. Additionally, as Tech is currently one of two peer institutions that do not have an LGBTQ Resource Center, we will be advocating for more support for the Tech LGBTQ Community.

We both find the lack of support for this portion of the student body unacceptable and will work closely with key administrators to make this resource center a reality.

Lastly, we wish to begin utilizing the class email lists to accurately poll the student body. Before we take a stance on behalf of students regarding controversial issues, we want to be absolutely certain that every student has the opportunity to voice his or her opinion and that we are accurately representing student opinion.

Our passion, experience, and platform set us apart from other candidates.

We strongly encourage you to read more of our platform on our website and to vote starting today!

Yours in White and Gold,

Nick & Lucy