It’s ok to take a sick day

Stamps Health Services hosted AMA Session. // Photo by Sierra Schmidt

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed was an understatement, I realized as I felt the cold sweat sticking to my sheets. The faucet that was once my nose could not be stopped by mere tissues, and the cough that sounded like an organ making its escape should have been enough to keep me in bed, but I tried to get up and get ready for class anyway. How this sickness came on so suddenly I’ll never know, but as I nearly fainted making my way out the door, I knew it was time to take a sick day.

I like to blame the weather whenever I start to feel the least bit under it. It’s just too tough to handle the constant changes we’ve seen in this month, from a cold and windy 30 degree day to clear skies in the mid sixties. My immune system is obviously unprepared and the common cold somehow consistently catches up to me around this time of year, forcing me to take at least one day off sick.

Sometimes it’s ok to take the day off and not worry about everything that’s piled up on your plate.

As tough as it may be to face the fact that missing just one day of classes can be so detrimental, you’ve got to think about the greater good sometimes. The greater good is my health and my body. Even though school and work and other priorities are important, I know that I’ve got to take care of myself somewhere in the mix.

Going to class with a sickness that won’t let me concentrate defeats the purpose of going to class at all. I know good and well that my note taking would be kept to a minimum and that my attention would be on finding a way to get back into bed. Nobody else wants a sick person around. As innovative as coughing into your elbow rather than your hand is, it doesn’t defeat the fact that you’re still coughing in someone else’s general direction and the fact is, a coworker will not appreciate it. Most times its better to just quarantine yourself anyway rather than walk around surrounded by a cloud of sickness contagious to anyone within 5 feet. I know I’d rather keep the misery to myself for a day than pass it along to someone else.

Sometimes it’s ok to take the day off and not worry about everything that’s piled up on your plate. There’s sometimes a need to get some true rest without worrying about an alarm clock or what’s due next week. Take the time to recuperate and put your head back on straight. Getting sick is just a part of life.

During my day off, the only concern is how to get over the sickness quickly whether that is my strict regimen of Dayquil and Nyquil or making the trip to Stamps or even just getting a day of sleep. Something’s got to give, and I resolve for it to not be me.

Overall, I completely agree that a sick day is warranted for everyone and everyone deserves one every now and again. It can’t become a regular thing, but we can’t ignore sickness like it’s just not there or attempt to go on a normal day when we’re not in a normal state of body, health or mind. No matter what, it’s important to stay focused on the greater goods of the taking care of the mind and body on the road to recuperation.