With Election Day less than five weeks away, opposing parties provide contrasting views

Andrew Mullins  on behalf of the College Republicans 

In 2008, we were all addicted to change.

It appeared we had finally elected a president who was going to lead us out of the doldrums of war and recession and bring our country back to the glorious hustle and bustle it had experienced in bygone decades.

Now it is 2012.

For the past four years, Americans have been waiting for change. We have waited and watched. Watched gas prices creep up from $2.30 a gallon to $4.00 a gallon. Watched as student unemployment and underemployment exceeded the 50 percent mark. Watched as our national debt skyrocketed to over $16 trillion.

Now we have to ask, “Where is this change? Are we really better off now than we were four years ago?” President Obama promised us peace; months later he gave us a troop surge to Afghanistan and began waging an unconstitutional attack on Libyan soil. He promised us recovery, just as we watched his touted $819 billion stimulus package throw our tax dollars at failing companies like Solyndra.

This year, our country is at a great crossroads. Will we continue down the path of exponential government growth, or will we restore power to the American people? Will we allow the government to interject itself in every corner of our lives, or will we re-establish the principle that citizens own the government, not vice versa? And that brings me to Mitt Romney.

Romney is a businessman. Through private investment and business venture, he has successfully aided the growth of countless American companies. Whether or not you like him as a man, Romney knows how to run a business. He knows how to make money and how to make America work.

Under Romney, Massachusetts experienced a boom in economic growth. As president, Romney will drastically cut wasteful spending, tackle Obama’s monster of a debt and restore foreign trust in our economy.

While Obama may be a likable family man, he does not know how to run a country, much less an economy. As a leader, he has done a tremendous job in making a sore economy bleed.

This election, students and citizens alike are ready for change.

We are ready to halt our economic downturn, get jobs to accompany these hard-fought Tech degrees and restore America’s place among the great countries of the world.

We are ready to get out of the hole Obama has led us into and elect a man who has a real plan to get our country working.

Alexis Brankel on behalf of the College Democrats

President Barack Obama won in 2008 and made history. As the Democratic National Committee Chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman-Shultz said, “2012 is personal, and we are not going back!” The President has made bounds of progress for the under-represented demographics, such as women with the Lily Ledbetter Act of 2009 and the LGBTQIA community with the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” in 2010. President Obama has helped the middle class, small business owners, the elderly with tax breaks and even passed the Affordable Care Act, which was defended and upheld by the Supreme Court; all with an unyielding Republican bloc in legislation.

After the slew of gunman attacks from New York to Colorado, and the shooting of Representative Giffords of Arizona, it became evident that this nation needed a strong leader. By maintaining dignity, calm and decorum during these times of tragedy and need, President Obama proved that he is the man for the job.

With the operation that killed al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden, Obama led the way towards ending the war in Iraq and refocusing our men and women and resources. Thanks to President Obama, spouses, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters are back home safe. These military personnel have made their sacrifices, and our president wants to ensure their transition back to civilian lives.

President Obama has encouraged more focus on research, science, math and technology in the U.S., as well as renewable energy resources. These are sectors of the market that can revive and brighten the American economy, and provide stable supply of much needed energy. It is no longer our option or luxury to ludicrously consume energy with no concern for the environment. It is imperative for the U.S. to lead by example for the global community.

The Democratic Party values are rooted in one source: equality. Whether from gender disparity concerning pay, to simply equal rights and protection, the Democratic Party is firmly committed to represent and protect the constituents in need. I find that to be a noble civic act, as well as a mission directly commanded from God. As is written in Matthew 25:40: “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Faith and politics connect on social issues.

President Obama is committed to doing the best for our country, and to leading us toward a better nation for our future.