Technique provides opportunity, challenges

I often find that as someone takes on a major leadership position, he reminisces on his early days in the organization: his first days in the office, his young and idealistic naïveté. As I enter my fourth year with the Technique, I realize that I have no recollection of the first time I entered the aged Technique office for a staff meeting or when I had the first of what would eventually total to hundreds of slices of Papa John’s pizza in September 2009.

Yet in a little over a week, I will have the incredible honor and privilege of taking over as the Editor-in-Chief of the Technique, and I look forward to carrying the newspaper into its 101st year of existence. Over the next year, I hope to continue to lead the Technique through the delivery of timely and relevant content in an accurate and unbiased fashion. I also hope for the Technique to continue to serve as the voice of the student body.

But with the dozens of hours I collect weekly in time spent in the Technique office, I sometimes miss what is interesting and useful to the average reader. If you see something newsworthy on campus, tell us. If you disagree with our coverage or our opinions, write us a letter to the editor. If you want Sliver Guy to hear your pleas for more Sliver boxes, submit more Slivers.

While I don’t know that I am worthy of joining the ranks of my talented predecessors, I hope I can continue to serve the Tech community in the way they have and the Technique has.