Anger over Valentine’s article a misunderstanding

I feel as though the author who wrote the letter “Article stereotypes women students” has made a mountain out of a molehill. I read “Majors Ranked According To Desirability” and I quite liked how it poked a little fun at the sad but true nature of some of the stereotypes associated with these majors.

Now, however, someone has come out accusing a humorous article of being sexist, probably sending the writers on a guilt trip. Even if the article in question was insulting, it seems it would be insulting ECE and CS majors as a whole rather than just women. I am truly sorry that this article in any way was offensive to women, but let’s state a fact: The vast majority of Tech’s population is men. As a result, some of the humor presented in these articles will have some appeal to a generally male audience.

The entire article itself, however, was pretty generic when it came to gender. I didn’t find any other references to women gold-diggers or male gigolos. The female author is taking one small excerpt from the entire article and equating it with sexism, which seems a bit dramatic. I don’t know the exact reasons why most women choose not to enter engineering fields, but it would be better to ask around or take a poll instead of accusing an article of “pushing women away from technical fields.”

My point is, if you are going to read a school newspaper which has, to some degree, the responsibility of entertaining its readers, read it with a grain of salt.


Constantine Avgoustopoulos

Second-year ME