Article stereotypes women, students

When it comes to the article “Tech Major Rank According to Desirability,” you are offending many women in these fields by posting such sexist comments as, “Women who are looking for a man with a mansion and a fast car might get lucky with someone from this major.”

You are saying that the majority of women [are] looking for compatible men according to their future earnings. What about women who are in these majors? Do they receive the same respect? I am in one of the hardest and highest paying fields at Tech, and I don’t feel I deserve the same respect reading this article. Can women get any guy they want if they are in any of these majors? Not necessarily. It depends on the individual’s compatibility, not their “rank” when it comes to choosing a date or future mate.

I feel like you are putting forward a very poor image of women by writing this article. Sure, some women need men to support them because not all women go to Tech and have access to better careers, but telling them how to rank men is completely sexist. Women can earn their own high-earning careers and not rely on men to live a comfortable life. I’m asking men and the person in charge of this article to give the ladies more dignity, because they deserve to be treated with equal rank instead of how much they earn compared to men in order to rely on them for future mate.

“Tech majors ranked according to desirability” is putting a poor image on women and their earning power compared to men. Such views are pushing women away from technical fields like Computer Science and Engineering because it seems more like a men’s job, and I am so sick of it!

Why don’t you encourage girls and women to enter a field that earns better bread and bacon, instead of encouraging them to date certain guys?

Ai Le

Fourth-year CS/ECE