‘Occupy’ highlights students’ apathy for world events

Despite mixed reactions from the press, the Occupy movement has spread from Wall Street to major cities all over the country—including Atlanta. For several days, protestors have occupied prominent parts of the city, with Woodruff Park playing home to most of them.

However, despite being members of one of the most prominent universities in the city, Tech students have had little to do with the protests, either in terms of joining them or taking a stance against them, continuing Tech students’ famed pattern of apathy towards world events.

Some would argue that they are too engrossed in their studies of science and technology to keep up with or participate in current events. However, this argument is flawed. How can a student expect to end hunger without tracking patterns of famine, or use technology to alleviate poverty if they don’t even bother to learn about poverty around the world?

The only way Tech students will become more knowledgeable about current events is if they both are given the opportunity and themselves take the initiative required to keep abreast of such events. Students should be given access to more major news sources on campus. Despite the growing trend of online news, nothing beats having newspapers lying around for students to read between classes or while having a meal.

That said, all the opportunities in the world won’t mean anything if students don’t take advantage of them. Students should make an effort to at least read the major headlines of world news every day if they want to have any hope of keeping track of what is happening around the world. Moreover, they should make an effort to step outside their bubbles and see the problems firsthand.

It is hypocritical for students to think they can make educated judgments of events surrounding them if they do not take the time to observe them in person.


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