T Vandalism could cost cash, donors

My wife (a cheerleader at Tech) and I live in Home Park just north of Tech.  Both of us have many relatives who were students or staff at Tech.  We both have season tickets to Tech football and men’s and women’s basketball.

The point is, we love Tech.

The ‘T’ theft vandalism at Tech has been very discouraging.  I’m sure that the vast majority of Tech students abhor it just as we do.  (Also, we are not happy with the Technique for listing ‘T’theft as a Tech tradition in the 2011 Fall Freshman Issue.)   Not only could the $100,000 cost to replace and repair the damage be used for other things, the vandalism makes the campus and Tech students look bad.  I certainly hope that no potential donor gets turned off by this ‘T’ theft damage.

I’m writing to thank President Peterson, the administration and the student groups who are trying to put an end to this vandalism.  I hope that they succeed soon.


Hugh Sanders

Applied Mathematics

B.S. 1965, M.S. 1969


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