Safety requires campus wide response

Recent crimes both near and on campus—beginning with the robbery at gunpoint in Home Park a few weeks ago and the recent attacks on women—have started a conversation about campus safety.

While GTPD is undeniably the organization most responsible for student safety,  they deserve praise for their rapid response to the events and making efforts to communicate with the student body. Shortly after the attack on Tuesday, an email was sent to students informing them about increased efforts to protect campus, including more safety patrols and collaboration with other Atlanta safety officials. The GTPD has always had students’ safety at heart, and their quick reaction demonstrates their dedication to keeping campus safe.

However, it’s important to note that the GTPD isn’t the only organization that should attempt to create a culture of safety. The Women’s Resource Center (WRC) should make it a part of their mission to provide programming to encourage student safety on campus. This could take the form of a safety ad campaign. Housing should encourage RA’s and PL’s to be resources for their residents’s safety by actively encouraging safe practices. These are just two examples of groups who can create this safety culture—everyone has their own part to play.

Lastly, students should be made to feel as though they will be able to use the Stingerette to get home, regardless of the reason. Students should not be denied service due to the proximity to their destination. A student that needs a ride should always be able to get a ride from the service unless they are providing an immediate threat to the driver. In the event that does occur, the GTPD must be alerted to the situation. Lastly, it is incumbent on students to look out for their follow peers to ensure that they are taking steps to be as safe as possible.


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