‘T’ thefts lack innovation, challenge

As a recent graduate of Tech, I’m dismayed that we haven’t properly explained our traditions to the incoming classes. There is only one T worth stealing: the one on Tech Tower facing east. That’s why the tradition is named “Stealing THE ‘T’.”

But a complaint is not helpful without a suggestion.

I propose that we remind the incoming classes that if they don’t know which direction is east, then they need to ask themselves the following questions:

Have I assembled a team from around the world to undertake this mission? Did I disable the pressure-sensitive roof tiling, the trace from the fiber optic cabling and the alarm? And last but not least, did everybody else die during the mission, forcing me to avenge their deaths before returning the T?

If the answer is “no” to any of the above, then you didn’t steal THE ‘T.’


Alex Young

MGT 2010


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