Block Seating

For student organizations at Tech, block seating is an important part of the ticketing process, which SGA has taken partial control of in order to ease the logistical strain on the AA.

SGA deserves a great deal of praise for taking on part of the workload of this issue, when the AA would just as soon have seen it die out. Watching football with friends—particularly those in your organization, fraternity or sorority—is a big part of college life and SGA should be commended for protecting it. They should be careful, however, not to underestimate the difficulty associated with managing this. The ranking process that decides who has first pick of blocks is an inherently political one and could very easily result in inter-organizational tension.

Moreover, SGA should resist the temptation to tinker with the system unnecessarily. The system works fairly well as-is and should not be changed without reason garnered through student feedback. SGA can reach the leader of each block and vice-versa, so SGA should refrain from modifying the policy or process unless a block leader raises a problem, and the solution is verified by the others. The last thing organizations need is a solution in search of a problem, making the system  needlessly complex.

A potential modification currently in the works is an excellent example of this. Some thought has been given to letting Greek organizations shift in the block ticketing ranking with other Greek organizations by using Dean Dull points (which are awarded to greek organizations based on GPA, community service and other metrics).

However, there is no particularly driving reason as to why Dean Dull points should be applied here. Their addition would unnecessarily complicate the process for non-Greek students, whose block priority would be judged only using attendance.


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