HOT: Dogwood days
Students looking to escape the mathematical monotony of Tech can indulge their inner artist this weekend at Piedmont Park. Over 250 artists’ booths will be set up around the park, accompanied by four stages where musicians will be getting their groove on all weekend long. As if that were not enough, the admission price is right in the college student comfort range: free.

NOT: Later, ladies
Tech has traditionally bucked the national trend of forbidding Greek women from attending fraternity rush parties. That is all set to change, however, as the Collegiate Panhellenic Council recently voted to ban members of sororities from attending fraternity rush. This does raise an important question: what will all the girls do for food that first week?

HOT: Go, Gomez, Go!
Men’s tennis player Guillermo Gomez made Tech history this week when he won against a fellow top-40 player for his 113th victory. This win places him at the top of the list for most wins in Tech history, a position formerly held by Head Coach Kenny Thorne. As a bonus, Gomez was named the ACC Player of the Week for the second time this year.

NOT: Speaking solo
Mirroring the small selection of the general election, UHR’s election for Speaker of the House will take place on Tuesday with just one candidate in the running. While SGA’s voting campaign has emphasized students’ right to choose their leadership, this election season seems determined to provide voters with as little choice as possible.


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