Take a look at what’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week.

HOT: Battle of the Greeks
Greek Week 2011 is upon us. Fraternity gods and sorority goddesses spent this week battling for their place on Mount Olympus in traditional Greek events like chariot races, singing and tug. They also bettered their community in not-so-ancient-greek events like a walk for Tom’s Shoes and a food drive for the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

NOT: Baseball bummer
As a low note in an otherwise stellar season, Tech’s baseball team lost to the Kennesaw Owls 7-6 this Wednesday. Despite the fact that Tech was up by two in the final inning, Kennesaw State came back with three runs to win the game. The loss is twice as painful, as it comes shortly after the end of the team’s 16-game winning streak

HOT: Macho, macho men
Normally when someone describes two people scantily clad, oiled-up and designed to appeal to males between the ages of 18-25, most people conjure up the idea of a late-night, premium television program. Unless of course Wrestlemania is in town. The greatest spectacle in all of sports entertainment invaded Atlanta last week, and it was everything expected and too much more.

NOT: Sherman’s march
While Sherman didn’t burn the city, Tech might soon burn its presence there. Discussions on the program’s future are under way, and it is unsure what will happen to it. While current students are likely safe, plans for Tech’s resources in the area range from just cutting back on spending to axing undergrad programs entirely in exchange for continuing education.


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