Hot or not

Check out what’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week.

HOT: New court boss

Athletic Director Dan Radakovich announced Brian Gregory as the new head coach of the men’s basketball team. While many fans may not be overwhelmed by the decision to hire Gregory, in time he should prove to be a worthy leader of the once prominent Jackets basketball program and will hopefully reinvigorate flagging interest of fans in the sport.

NOT: One horse race

A typical SGA election has little substantive difference between the main candidates. This year, however, there is no difference. Instead, only one ticket is running for both presidential races. Also, many seats in the undergraduate legislative branch are uncontested or unfilled. Harmony may be good for music. In student government, it only means apathy.

HOT: Simon says, you listen

Many projects at Tech tend to grab people’s attention. Simon the robot, part of the Socially Intelligent Machines lab, in particular has enjoyed a great deal of press in recent weeks for his ability to get the attention of his human companions. Now if only he could teach that to some of our professors, we all might actually get through our afternoon classes without a short nap.

NOT: Spring leak

While most of Tech’s population spent spring break soaking up rays on the beach, splashing in the surf or being showered with tasty home-cooked food, those left on campus did very little soaking, splashing or showering. Intermittent water shutoffs in housing units across campus left many without water for extended periods over the break. Just let it mellow.


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