Technique to continue in accomplished hands

One of the first things I was told when I came to Tech was to find something to do outside of class or else I would go crazy. I decided to try my hand at writing for the newspaper as I figured that doing something that at the time seemed to be the opposite of engineering would pay dividends. Five years later, I am thankful that I chose to stick with the Technique as it has taught me much more than how to piece together a 600-word article. While Tech has helped me become a different (and maybe better) person, I have grown to value this organization above all else at the Institute. It is an honor to be a part of this Tech tradition, and I hope that my work at the Technique has given back to campus as much as the Technique has given to me.

Obviously, and thankfully, I cannot stay here forever, and I had to help in the process of finding my replacement. It was important for me to find the best candidate that would have the same passion as me, but would also be able to imprint his or her own mark on the paper. With the election of current news editor Vijai Narayanan, I am confident this has happened.

Vijai has been involved with news for three years, quickly ascending from contributing writer to news editor. When I sat down with Vijai at the beginning of the year, we discussed the vision we had for the paper and how we would achieve all of our lofty goals. While it was very easy to throw a bunch of these ideas out there before we had to worry about actually producing a paper, reflecting back on the past two semesters, I am proud to say that we have achieved many of our goals, almost entirely due to his efforts. I cannot thank him enough for all that he has done for this paper. He will continue (or, depending on your view, start) to improve the Technique and adapt it to best serve the Tech community, especially the students.

When I first started the job, I was told something by last year’s editor-in-chief that I feel is only appropriate to pass on: welcome to the best job on campus.


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