2/25/11: HOT or NOT

What’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week.
HOT: Ballin’ with Bill
TV personality and childhood icon to many (if not all) on campus, Bill Nye kicked off the baseball game on Sunday, throwing out the first pitch at Russ Chandler Stadium. Unfortunately, the baseball team could have used a lesson from the Science Guy as the squad suffered its first loss of the season that day. The players were probably just distracted by the greatness of Bill Nye.

NOT: T-Screwed 2.0
Normally, making the “Not” list twice in just a matter of a weeks takes some real screwing up, and this time is no exception. If the administration wants to continue to push for campus-wide adoption of T-Square, it must first be able to handle to the workload. The letter from T-Square administrators was nice, but it just illustrated the already well-known problems.

HOT: Choir challenge
Often lost in the many complaints about math and physics, artistic challenges are often not given their due respect. The Chamber Choir deserves kudos for the production of Bach’s Mass. With midterms in full-step, a chance to decompress over some classical music could be beneficial, though many would argue a requiem would be more fitting.

NOT: Annoying vs. Weird
Humans vs. Zombies made a return to campus much to the enjoyment of a few and the annoyance of the rest. Using people as barricades to block socks and marshmallows isn’t the best way to make friends with your fellow students. And spending countless hours making ‘ammo’ holders just shows that you need to develop a new hobby. This new Tech tradition needs a quick exit.


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