Hot-or-Not: 02/18/11

HOT: Dogs downed

The men’s tennis team beat Bulldogs from that other state school for the first time in 23 years. Ironically enough, the last time the Jackets beat the Bulldogs, current men’s tennis Head Coach Kenny Thorne and women’s tennis Head Coach Bryan Shelton were star players on Tech’s 1988 squad. Let’s hope the football team can begin their own streak against the Dogs in the fall.

NOT: Partially prepared

The news that the new dinning hall will not be open on the weekends seems ridiculous. The last time we checked, students still eat on Saturdays and even Sundays. But once again, GT Dining has managed to make what could have been a very beneficial addition to campus into a marginalized extension of the already broken system. Dining needs to reconsider its hours.

HOT: Rubber plunder

Valentine’s Day is a day to express your love for the special person in your heart. Well, at least it is for some. For others, it’s an opportunity to buy an expensive dinner, expensive roses and expensive candy in hopes at the end of the night it all pays off. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the College Democrats, Tech students didn’t have to spend any extra money on condoms.

NOT: Grammy gone Gaga

The publicity train known as Lady Gaga pulled into the Grammys on Sunday in an egg. While the meat dress made people gag-gag, this stunt was simply cliché. The idea of coming out of an egg to sing a song titled “Born this Way” is about as original as the song itself. But as just about everything else pop-culture, a lack of originality is a key to success.


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