Consensus: Stronger ramblin’ WREK

This week’s funding of the new antenna for WREK demonstrates the productive work that organizations and SGA can accomplish when each side does its due diligence. WREK’s approach to the bill process allowed representatives the time needed to understand the importance of the bill to the organization and the campus as a whole. The station gave weeks’ worth of notice about its intention to ask for the large sum of money. The staff invited Representatives and Senators into their radio station so members of SGA could better understand how the organization operates and contributes to campus. WREK’s ability to reach nearly every member of the student body makes them an ideal candidate for this sort of funding.
The long-term planning for this upgrade should also be used a model for organizations. Student groups often miss great opportunities because most student leadership operates on a one-year basis. WREK proved that long-term planning over the course of several years can pay huge dividends for an organization. While planning for the relatively distant future can be difficult because of the rapid turnover with student groups, the hurdles of such planning in the long run will seem minute compared to the large enhancements that can be achieved.
With more powerful equipment available for use to reach out to the student body, WREK should use this as a launching point to reevaluate how it can best serve the people on Tech’s campus and its other listeners. WREK has always produced a unique product, and it should continue to do so in the future, but it should utilize this opportunity to adapt and adjust its programming to increase listenership. Some members of SGA suggested that a disconnect exists between the radio station and its target audience. WREK should do its best to bridge these to enhance the station’s impact.


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