Hot-or-Not: 02/04/2011

Hot: Stairway to Purgatory

While few people who live in NAA would categorizes it as ‘heavenly,’ it certainly got much less hellish late last week when the stair to the complex at Techwood and North Ave. reopened. Now residents have to brace for the next inconvenience that the housing department will no doubt dump on the students who live in the construction-ridden facility.

Not: Frightening turtle

The men’s basketball team regrettably was not able to keep its home-court streak going in its loss to Maryland on Sunday night. Hopefully the flu and other medical reasons won’t continue to hinder the team as the Jackets begin their final stretch  of the regular season. The Jackets are going to need a lot of momentum going into the ACC tournament in March.

Hot: Fishy evening

While some students take to drinking like fish on Thursday nights, this upcoming Thursday they can just go hang out with them instead. The annual GT Night at the Aquarium has become a treat for students in need of an early semester break, albeit a very short break. Such activities help to build a sense of campus community and provides access to Atlanta hot spots.

Fed up

While some people believe that all publicity is good publicity, last week, the theory was proven incorrect. The F.B.I raiding of Tower Resident Hall brought a load of negative attention to Tech. Though nothing has been settled yet, ideally, the Tech student in question will be cleared of all wrong doing, and the situation will quickly blow over and cleared up.


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