Hot-or-Not: 10/28/11

Hot: Capturing the Capitol

After Mother Nature did her best to prevent the first scheduled GT Day at the Capitol by giving Ga. its most disruptive winter storm in nearly two decades, Tech representatives will try again on Tuesday. Staying engaged in the legislative process is more important now than ever for members of the community as the state still tries to navigate the budget situation.

Not: Crowded class

When classes start to get so over-crowded that Tech tries to incentivize students with gifts to switch classes, there is officially a problem. Hopefully, the ISYE school and the administration can try to find a better solution to this problem in future semesters. Everyone can agree money could be much better spent hiring more TAs than buying superfluous gifts.

Hot: Record recycling

At least not everything this football season turned out to be a loss as Game Day Recycling set a record this year by diverting 21 tons of waste from landfills. The program reinforces Tech’s commitment to sustainability and incorporating eco-friendly practices into Tech traditions. The waste recycled accounted for 19 percent of the waste produced during game day.

Snail mail

The lines at the Student Center Post Office during the beginning of the semester are traditionally longer than usual. This semester, the lines have grown to the size of lines at traditional post offices. Luckily the staff at the package pick-up area have kindly added more line partitions so students won’t be confused on where to stand for 30 plus minutes.


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