What’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week.

HOT: Ballin’ B-ball
The women’s basketball team racked up its 13th consecutive victory, a streak which includes kicking off the ACC schedule with four wins. The men’s basketball team also had two commanding victories over UNC and Wake Forest. With this sort of success, maybe a few more fans will go and see their Jackets play and root on the team through the ACC schedule.
NOT: Snow much
While a snow day is nice every once in awhile, three and a half days worth is just inconvenient. Mother nature: please lay off the snow and ice for the rest of the semester. Considering all the emails that Tech spams to students, it does seem slightly odd for the Institute to not send out an email notifying students that classes were cancelled the next day. Maybe next time.
HOT: Newly staffed
The Institute welcomed its new Vice President for Institute Diversity, Archie Ervin. With his leadership and knowledge, Tech can craft an institute-wide diversity program to help unify all the different current efforts. Robert McGrath will also be joining the Tech as the new Director of GTRI in the coming weeks. He should be a valuable asset to the Institute.
NOT: T-screwed
T-square has been about as reliable as the Falcons’ secondary. If you did not see the game last Saturday night, this is not a compliment. With a whole college dedicated to computing, hopefully we can find a way to make this vital part of campus more reliable for the rest of the semester. Professors are already bad enough about uploading content; they don’t need another excuse.

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