11/12/10 Hot-or-Not

Hot: Tip-off time
The men’s and women’s basketball season tips off tonight for its last season in AMC. The women’s team looks for a fifth  NCAA Tournament berth, and the men’s team switch to a four-guard offense should make for yet another memorable season at the Thrillerdome. The need to take Clark Atlanta to overtime for the scrimmage victory is hopefully not not emblematic of the season to come.

Not: Engineering lite
What does UGA Engineering programs and late night promo products have in common? They are both of questionable taste and a waste of money. The Board of Regents decision to approve the program underscores certain bias that many feel the board has to one school in particular over all others. In the future the board should respect the academic boundaries and precedent set by their predecessors.

Hot: Hot Coco
Conan O’Brien made his  much anticipated return to late-night television this week. The new show retained  much of the same charm and witty humor that his old late night show had. Hopefully, some guy with a big chin will not take away Conan’s show again. Regrettably the new show is during the same time as Comedy Central’s comic duo. Thank goodness for DVRs.

Not: No more Nesbitt
The sad news that Tech’s senior quarterback Joshua Nesbitt will be out for the remainder of the season with a broken arm only compounded the tough loss to Virginia Tech last Thursday. Still, Nesbitt may be able to make a return for the bowl game. As a player that has contributed so much to the team and program, he deserves a better final game as a Jacket.


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