11/05/10: Hot-or-Not

Hot: Registration tools
After what seems like a lifetime, SGA Course Critique is finally operational and has years of course information for students to try and figure out which professor is less likely to fail them next semester. GT Schedule Creator is also very helpful for students, allowing students to easily, far more easily than OSCAR, build a schedule and figure out which classes are still available.

Not: Registration woes
As the semester slowly begins to wind down, students are once again faced the daunting task of trying to take three classes that are all offered at the same time. While students hopelessly wish for the registration process to improve and for their departments to stop offering labs on Friday afternoon, the problems still remain unresolved. One day, registration will be less painful.

Hot: Safe walking
The annual campus safety walk to take place again this Wednesday to help make the campus friendlier for pedestrians across campus. This focus on making North Ave. safer is much appreciated. For years, Tech has neglected the corridor, and it is time to incorporate it into the rest of campus. The residents at NAA know all too well that safety conditions are subpar.

Not: Naturally Gassy
The gas leak caused by the construction of the new Skiles Alleyway within the Weber Building last Thursday was an unexpected interruption to a calm afternoon. While anyone who has had an 8 a.m. class in Weber has daydreamed about situations that would get them out of class and back into bed, this is likely not a scenario that had played out in their minds in the middle of lecture.


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