10/29/10: HOT or NOT

What’s HOT and what’s NOT around campus this week.

Hot: Free HPV Vaccine
Student Health Services is giving free HPV vaccines to all students, and everyone needs to take advantage of this opportunity. While the virus might not cause symptoms in men, the male population must realize its responsibility. A sexually healthy campus can only be achieved if everyone takes the initiative to get vaccinated to help prevent cervical cancer.

Not: Tiger mauling
The loss to Kansas was shocking; the loss to N.C. State was disheartening; the loss to Clemson just seemed like the next step. The Jackets’ weakness on special teams and defense and holes in offense were all exploited by a physical Clemson team, that dominated both sides of the ball up front. The Jackets get a trip to Blacksburg to play a hot Hokie team.

Hot: Over the hill
The Student Center celebrated its 40th birthday last Thursday with free food, events and tons of balloons. The Student Center used the event to get feedback from students about what direction the Center should take in the future. The balloons, however, were a little over the top. When a person can’t get ketchup without dodging balloons, it’s a bit much.

Not: Fall flooding
Top IE school. Top five AE, CE, ME, ECE and BME schools. But somehow the sidewalks on campus still flood when it rains. Hopefully the next multi-million dollar donation can go to proper drain of pedestrian thoroughfares, something that everyone on campus would love. After all, how can someone enjoy brand new facilities and all they have to offer with wet feet.